Your body is a miracle. Your unique soul is a gift.

You are a fierce, creative, sensual being. You are perfect and whole – exactly as you are.

Have you spent your life denying yourself the truth of these words?

Have you spent years suppressing your intuition and making yourself small?

Do you hold on to a deep-rooted belief that you are broken?

Maybe you’re consumed by fear, shame, guilt or trauma.

Maybe you feel trapped by convention, obligations and rules.

But somewhere in the core of your being, you know you deserve more than what you’ve been living …

Hello, Wild One

My name is Melanie Fox, and it is my deepest passion and soul’s purpose to lovingly guide you on your journey home to your innate wisdom and truth.

I believe it is your divine right to be in love with all of yourself – the messy and the beautiful, the dark and the light. It is your divine right to feel completely at home in your body. It is your divine right to exude pleasure, vibrancy and joy in every day life.

Through intuitive coaching, energy work, sensual movement and guided meditation, I’m here to empower you to take charge of your own healing and start living in alignment with your true nature.

It’s time to step fully into your sacred feminine power.

It’s time to heed the call of your inner wild woman.