All energy healing therapies are non-invasive, relaxing and natural procedures. Sessions are performed with clothing on and minimal physical contact between healer and client. Beginning with a sacred space, I choose specific crystals for your session based on your individual goals, and may include guided meditations, visualizations and affirmations; as well as incorporating Reiki, sound, light and aromatherapy as needed. Benefits of these therapies may include:

Improved physical health & wellness

Reduced stress, anxiety & depression

Increased energy & sense of overall well being

Release of physical or emotional trauma

Increased concentration & mental clarity

Reduced symptoms of chronic ailments

Spiritual growth & development

Renewed sense of creativity

Deeper connection to your etheric body

Heightened sense of intuition




This one hour general session uses certified techniques to balance the seven primary chakras – your subtle body’s energy centers. Using various stones that correspond to each chakra, this session will remove emotional and energetic blocks. It is gentle and effective in assisting all areas of the body, allowing for deep healing and spiritual growth.


If you are struggling with one or two severely blocked or overactive chakras, this session is for you. After sensing the energies of all chakras, I will create an intensive, targeted layout to heal and open those areas that are most in need of work, allowing you to feel balanced, centered and refreshed.


This wonderful calming session begins with an overall balancing, followed by focused work on self-love. Using rose quartz, unakite and other heart chakra stones, it is perfect for those going through a breakup or divorce, recovering from abuse, or just experiencing recurring self doubt. It will help turn self pity into compassion, instilling feelings of confidence and empowerment.


For those of you always on the go, or feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious, this layout will give you much needed deep relaxation. Amethyst, lepidolite, blue calcite and other soothing stones help ease tension and worry, bringing feelings of peacefulness and tranquility.


This layout is for those of you looking for a boost in creative inspiration or motivation, whether it be for an artistic endeavor or overall life direction. Activating the lower chakras with carnelian, garnet and sunstone, this layout will help you awaken hidden talents, increase your drive and stimulate your personal power.